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In Australia 1 in 6 people are living with anxiety or depression. Fiona at Acorn Counselling is a Gold Coast clinical social worker supporting individuals and families through counselling and therapy services. 

Acorn Womens Counselling
Family Counselling

Individual Counselling

1 in 6 people are living with anxiety or depression – are you one of them? We specialise in providing professional therapeutic services for individuals, couples and families.

NDIS Acorn Counselling

NDIS Counselling

Living with a disability can present unique challenges. It’s important to get the right support so you can live your best life. We offer NDIS Counselling services Australia-wide.

EAP Counselling Australia

Employee Assist Program

Setting up an employee assist program to support your team’s emotional, mental and psychological wellbeing is a great way to help build a healthy work environment.


Online Telehealth or Face to Face Counselling

Acorn Counselling have a team of clinicians who are available across Australia to support your mental health. This support is available in person and online, depending on your location. Please get in touch to find out more.

Schedule a telehealth session on the phone or online via Zoom or Teams. If you prefer face to face support I am located on the Gold Coast at Ormeau.

The purpose of counselling

You may have tried to cope with challenging situations on your own but find it difficult. Counselling can help you develop skills and strategies to make your daily life easier to manage. Counsellors do not make judgments about your situation. They listen, encourage you to talk openly and help you reach your own decisions about the best path forward. Working with a counsellor can give you clarity to regulate your emotions in healthy ways.

Acorn Counselling

‘The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.’


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